Giving Back

The HandMade Market is very pleased to be the official funding provider for the “Soup for Families” program at Hospice Niagara’s Stabler Centre residence.

Fresh made-from-scratch homemade soup prepared by Chef Patrick Engel is offered daily to the families of Hospice Niagara residents. On any given day in the guest kitchen visitors can find restaurant quality soup such as Cajun Bean, Split Pea or Smoked Salmon Chowder at no charge.

“This kind of work really matters. For families of those in hospice palliative care, a comforting bowl of soup can make a big difference at a difficult time”, says Chef Engel. He refers to the soup program as “Handmade Care” – a term we at HandMade Market can’t help but love.

The Stabler Centre offers quality hospice palliative care in a home-like setting. For family members of those receiving care at the centre the soup program is a warm and welcome bowl full of comfort.