What is the Handmade Market?

Birthed in a serendipitous series of events, the first HandMade Market market took place in the living room of our 150 year old farmhouse in Jordan Station back around the Christmas of 2009. Due to delightful popular demand, we arranged another Christmas market in 2010 (this time at a winery!) and, since then, we have been producing 3 markets per year ... Spring, Fall and Christmas.

While the HMM has grown significantly since it’s inception, we have carefully maintained it as a boutique artisan market experience featuring products created by local artisans and small businesses. It is our mandate to promote the handmade arts while offering a local and ethical shopping alternative in an upscale atmosphere.

We are proud to partner with some of Niagara's family-owned and operated wineries who host our events, providing a warm and welcoming environment for our artisans and guests alike.

Our mantra is ... Shop. Sip. Savour.

What will I find there?

The HandMade Market features the work of local artisans. Jewellery, Pottery, Glass, Hand-Sewn Bags, Fashion Accessories, Preserves, Natural Bath + Body Products, Original Art, Designer Clothing, Kids Clothes and Knits, Home Decor, Luxury Hand-Spun Fibres, Artisan Wood Products, Time Pieces, Leather, Hand-bound Books and more! Plus, there's always yummy Food + Wine. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for (and so much more!) at The Handmade Market.

Why shop here?

In a world where every dollar you spend could be a vote in favour of local business and against the oppression of workers in developing nations, the HandMade Market offers you an important opportunity to shop with a clear conscience and support local business and the arts at the same time! No homogenous, androgynous, thoughtless, big-box items here!

We work hard to create an uplifting social experience that brings the humanity back into our daily transactions.

Giving Back

The HandMade Market is very pleased to be the official 2016 funding provider for the “Soup for Families” program at Hospice Niagara’s Stabler Centre residence.

Fresh made-from-scratch homemade soup prepared by Chef Patrick Engel is offered daily to the families of Hospice Niagara residents. On any given day in the guest kitchen visitors can find restaurant quality soup such as Cajun Bean, Split Pea or Smoked Salmon Chowder at no charge.

“This kind of work really matters. For families of those in hospice palliative care, a comforting bowl of soup can make a big difference at a difficult time”, says Chef Engel. He refers to the soup program as “Handmade Care” – a term we at HandMade Market can’t help but love.

The Stabler Centre offers quality hospice palliative care in a home-like setting. For family members of those receiving care at the centre the soup program is a warm and welcome bowl full of comfort.

About the Producers

Jennifer Elliotson

An artist at heart and by practice, Jennifer is a “Creative Crop Rotator”. When not producing and curating for the HMM, she can be found in any number of places: in front of her sewing machine, in her painting studio, at her writing desk or dirt-deep in her flower gardens.

Jennifer is recently retired from a twenty year floral design career, having spent the last 13 years running her own event floral design business, Mimosa Flower Studio. While still in love with flowers, she is very excited to be moving in a different creative direction and the HMM is an integral part of her constantly evolving trajectory.

You can find Jennifer’s paintings at www.jenniferelliotson.com

Mark Elliotson

A website and graphic designer, Mark puts the shine on the HMM by creating and managing all of our promotional materials and social media communications.

Also a man of great logic, it’s fitting that he manages all of the logistics for our events. He’s the guy who knows where everything goes and why!

Mark is a versatile fellow who handles a computer mouse, a cast iron pan, a skill saw and a guitar pick all with equal ease though, not all at once! When not on HMM duty, you can find him at the pub flexing his musical muscles as the lead guitar player in a couple of local bands.

You can see more of Mark's web design work at www.markelliotson.com

Experience The Handmade Market

In case you missed out on our most recent market or you just want to relive the moment, be sure to check out this video to get a sense of the experience. We hope to see you at our next market!

It's almost as good as being there ... almost.

Summer HandMade Market 2016

Fall HandMade Market 2015

Handmade Market

A look at the Fall Handmade Market.

Posted by TVCOGECO Niagara on Saturday, September 19, 2015